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PU Leather Diary & Gifts Sdn Bhd has set up a new operation based in Kuala Lumpur to cater directly to customers’ needs; we have a wide range of materials to select from including PU Leather, Italian PU Leather, Classical PU Leather, Trendy Color PU and many special textured PU Leather Materials, as well as PVC and Leather materials. With team of expertise we could provide the best services to meet your satisfaction.

In order to become more favourable diary manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia, we offer high flexibility on customisation for the diary sizes as well based on our clients' ideas. In addition, we are also one of the diary manufacturers which provide several services in term of logo finishing and printing on our in-house items such as organizers and journals to meet your expectations.

Genuine Leather Card Wallet
Product Code: PCH-020
Genuine Leather Key Wallet
Product Code: PKH-005
Small PU Leather Notepad
Product Code: PSN-001
Organizer Notebook
Product Code: MNB-054
PU Zipped Key Folder
Product Code: PKF-107
PU Leather Tag with lanyard
Product Code: PH-013
Tri Fold Organizer
Product Code: PRS-5101
High Quality PU 6 Ring Cover
Product Code: PRS-505
Machine Music Hall 10000mAh
Product Code: PB-23
Oval Wooden Thumb Drive
Product Code: PDE-04
ROCK Charger PO 10000mAh
Product Code: PB-24
Silicone Wristband USB Drive
Product Code: PDS-01
Smart Aluminium Power Bank
Product Code: PB-018
Speaker Powerbank 3 in 1
Product Code: PB-015

Business Organizer, Premium Pu Leather, Custom Diary Printing